ExpertBail Agent James Lindblad Talking Bail Bonds Hawaii Style

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If you have some extra time and want to learn a little bit about the bail bondindustry from one of its most experienced and professional bail agents, than watch this video of ExpertBail Agent James Lindblad’s interview on the “Joy in Our Town” Television program last week.  In this interview James does a great job educating the host, Laureen Tanaka, on the role of a bail bondsman and bail bonds in the criminal justice system.  Additionally, he talks about the ExpertBail Network and what it means to be a member of this prestigious, “Better Business Bureau-like” Network.

James has been in the bail bond industry for 36 years and has owned and operated A-1 Bonding in Honolulu, Hawaii for over 30 years.   To read up a little more on James, check out his bail bond agent “Making a Difference” story.

via ExpertBail Agent James Lindblad Talking Bail Bonds Hawaii Style.

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